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Pestline range of services include; pest management, sanitation, in-depth safety inspections and technical support.
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Next The Horizontal public health services

Next The Horizontal public health services
Rodent control- Cockroach control- Bed bug control- Fly control- Termite control-

Proactive pest management

Proactive pest management
PESTLINE has developed a proactive pest management programme

Pestline Africa Minimal pesticide usage

Pestline Africa Minimal pesticide usage
By use of mechanical, physical and biological controls...

Integrated Pest management

 Integrated Pest management
Pestline’s proactive pest management programme is the most advanced

We work for Food Processing, Packaging & General Industry, Residential, Institutions & Leisure Places.

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This is being achieved through an eco-sensitive pest management programme which involves great emphasis in aspects such as hygiene, proofing in conjunction with the use of non-insecticidal products, trapping devices and monitoring systems.
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Eco Friendly Pest Control Experts
Pestline services limited are a dynamic company formed in 2010 but with many decades worth of individual experience on board. From humble beginnings we have grown our team to 50+ public health professionals, with additional associates available as needed from external partners.

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